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Black Man Rising



Paperback – By Ever Barrett

A scintillating account of a Caribbean man; coming of age in America and coming to grips with racism, white privilege and sometimes overt discrimination from all sectors of the American society.

The young black immigrant quest for success and the ensuing struggle that sharpens his ability and skills teaches valuable lessons along the way like how to excel in a system designed to impede him.

The book is divided into two parts. The first is a memoir that covers the Author’s growth into manhood, starting from the early seventies through the late eighties. This mostly takes place in Brooklyn and Manhattan and shows a teaming Caribbean community and its struggle to integrate into the American system. It is sprinkled with hilarious moments of daily challenges, and life altering confrontations which help to shape an immigrants view of America.

The second half of the book provides a virtual road map of how to succeed in corporate America without losing too much of your West Indian culture. This makes the assimilation process more challenging than it needs to be, as it is compounded by the racism monster and takes determination to excel, as is most immigrants’ desire. 

An easy read that will fulfill and stimulate great food for thought.